Friday, 24 September 2010

Serious Sam: The Second Encounter giveaway!

To celebrate the release of the Serious Sam sequel, I will be giving away two XBLA codes for the game!

All you have to do to win the first one is post a comment with why you should win. Make it original! I am going to choose the most creative answer.

Don't forget to post your Twitter username along with the entry.


  1. I should win because I don't have a girlfriend and I think videogames are the cause, so what the hell? I want to play some Serious Sam! :D

    Twitter: @MetalHeadX

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  3. Why should I win Serious Sam The 2nd Encounter you ask? Because simply I bought both games back in there Non HD days and loved those so much I bought the Remade First Encounter when that came out. I have only put off buying Second Encounter due to your generosity. I think I still might buy the First and Second again since its on sale for steam this weekend. Also Serious Sam is more Duke Nukem than Duke Nukem is these days. Also this.

    Twitter- @skrammas

  4. Why I should win? Simple. Serious Sam owns. He makes Chuck Noris look like Tinkerbell.

    Twitter - TheDevONaut

  5. Because I am serious...very serious... so serious people ask me "Why so serious son... why so serious" :P

    Twitter: @antilucid

    Plus I would love to play this game.

  6. I should win because if I don't on October 12th, insteAd on playing Serious Sam I'll be driving down the street and swerve to avoid a start dog, this will cause me to wreck, disturbing a butterfly, who would have eventually landed on the arm of Horace Pottsworty, a three year old boy, whom hates butterflys. His hatred is so great it will cause him to develop a pesticide that will accidentally mutate butterflies into bloodsucking monsters ending humanity - instead of him growing up to develop the next Serious Sam game. Do you want to be the reason for the end of humanity!?!? Well do you?!? @izodius

  7. Because I paid to play Limbo. And I'd like to rectify that by playing a good game.

    Twitter: @KHunt_

  8. Also my Captcha was "Winall" pretty sure that's Somebodys way of saying @izodius should win

  9. I should win because I'm serious enough to play this game
    I RTed.

  10. I should win serious sam because I CANNOT stop playing REACH. Winning a game, will force me to stop playing REACH, and believe me, I will thank you for giving me an excuse to stop playing it!

    Twitter: @sweeneyben

  11. So I would like to win becasue, for some strange and actually pretty cool reason, I have been winning tons of stuff this year. Winning something from you would just add to the joy and epicness! Thanks for considering me in your contest!!!

    Twitter: @PriusGuy2004

  12. I should win because...

    /start subliminal message

    ...but first let's GIVE a big thanks to ME these contests are a fun diversion that get me through the work day. SERIOUSly, you can SAMple my work and see how my productivity goes up when contests like these are running. NOW lets get back to my original comment...

    /end subliminal message

    ...I'm a good guy & I love playing video games!


    Twitter: @ilRadd

  13. I actually came from the future and know that I will win this game, I also saw this exact message written down so I have to repeat it word by word to preserve the space-time continuum etc.. Why did I write it all in the first place you ask? No idea @Onsyman
    p.s. No flying cars yet

  14. I should win this so I can be prepared for the next time I go through a timelock and end up in the past.

  15. I forgot to include that I'm @alee67 on Twitter.

  16. I would like to win, as this would in actual fact be my 'first encounter' with Serious Sam as I have yet to play any of the Serious Sam games. I've heard good things about the series and was planning on picking it up on the Gamecube back in the day, but it's very hard to track down now.

    Twitter: @Enzo3000

  17. i should win because sam is my son and he has escaped another time from my home.....
    He has black and short hair, he wear a white t-shirt with a stupid smiley, a pair of blue jeans and a couple of red and white shoes....
    Please, if i could have this game i would surely got it back at home.

    Serious Mum

    Twitter: EDONINJA

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  19. I would like to blast some monsters! I played Serious Sam when it was not in HD on PC some years ago. I would love to play it co-op with my brother.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  20. I should win because this game will help me become a better country rap star.People don't take me to serious in the country rap game and just laugh at me and beat me up.Even my parents laugh at me and throw food at me while we eat dinner and tell me they don't love me.If I won this game I'm sure ppl would take me seriously and I'd also learn how to use deodorant.Thanks for the change to change my life!!...


  21. I should win cause shooting these crazy things in this game should keep me from shooting crazy things in real life.

  22. Why? Because I spent over 50+ hours on the first one. I must have played through that game over a dozen of times. Had plenty of friends wanting to do co-op and helped them get their achievements and such. Can't wait to do the same for The Second Encounter!

    Twitter: @Unknown50862

  23. I should win because I have the best reason, a motive that will blow your soul away and make your head explode and your face melt, a reason that is so strong that even a dark side of my brain might hide!... I should win SS: TSE because...
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  24. I want to win because if I do, I will go up to the president naked and rub it in his face that I won this game. Then I will offer him to play with me.


  25. I want to win because my PC-owning friends are goading me over being able to get all the Serious Sam encounters cheaper on their format.
    I think getting it free would be an apt serious middle finger to them, don't you?


  26. I should win because I use to have a friend named Sam, who was NOT very serious ;) LOL

  27. I should win because I can win. :P

    Twitter: randomduded12