Thursday, 27 January 2011

Crysis 2 MP Demo first impressions

The Crysis 2 multiplayer demo released this week, giving the Xbox Live community the chance to get some hands on time with what's looking to be the sequel of the year.

Team Deathmatch is the only mode available, and only one map is used. The map is set on a couple of rooftops high above New York City. The skirmishes take place usually near some greenhouses, although both teams seem to race to get to the highest point on the map, which has great cover and vantage points. If a few of the same team can secure that location, it's usually hard to kill them all. Being Crysis though, there are a few ways up. The nanosuit gives you some awesome powers. Huge jumps, invisibility, increased armour, immense sprint speed. Each one works really well and the satisfaction of sneaking up to an enemy to give him a shotgun to the face is just awesome.
The new setting makes the nanosuit even more fun

Like most FPS games, you can rank up to unlock new classes and abilities. Not many are available in the demo but it looks like the full game is going to have a lot on offer. There are also medals, which are basically the same as emblems from Black Ops. Completing certain challenges for the first time unlocks a medal to show to the world that you have done it. It's a great reward system, and I can't wait to explore it in the final game.

All in all, the Crysis 2 MP demo is nothing short of amazing. Boasting some of the best graphics available on the system, incredibly fun gameplay due to the nanosuit, and a glimpse at the deep levelling system, this demo should be tried by everyone. It only shows a fraction of what the final build will contain, and it's one of the finest fractions I've ever seen.

Anticipation rating: 9/10

by Louis Gardner

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  1. i just cant understand why they removed the destructible terrain..... the best thing about the previous games was the ability to punch Koreans through building ( never got old ! )