Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Rush'N Attack: Ex-Patriot review

Rush'N Attack: Ex-Patriot is a 2.5D action platformer. If you've played Shadow Complex, you'll know what it's like. Shadow Complex, without the amazing technology and polish.

Starting in a prison cell, a fellow prisoner arms you with a knife and unlocks your door, and so the game starts. You are a secret soldier, sent on a mission to save a fellow soldier, who has been captured and tortured. Making your way through the prison, releasing many other prisoners, you can see pretty much everything the game has to offer. And that's just chapter one.
The explosions look good, but the rest is disappointing

The first thing you'll notice, however shallow it may be, is the graphics and character models. They're outdated and unforgivable for a game released this late in the Xbox 360s life. The characters are incredibly blocky, and the animation robot-like. The animation is slightly better during gameplay, but the cut scenes are terrible in every department. The characters do not talk, instead comic style speech bubbles appear, with text of such a terrible quality, you'll wonder if someone has stolen your HD cable and instead given you a good old composite. Interaction between characters in cut scenes is minimal, which is definitely a good thing. Watching them pass each other objects is almost painful, as there is clearly nothing there, and their hands maintain their claw-like shape.

The gameplay is okay, but doesn't make up for the lack of quality in the other areas of the game. For the majority of the game you will use your knife to kill. There are unlockable melee combos, but there is not much difference aesthetically, and most of the enemies die after one or two standard hits, rendering the combos useless and unnecessary. There are some boss enemies, which require a bit extra than just melee attacks. For example, an early boss fight needs you to plant explosives on the walls, bringing a structure down onto the boss in question. It mixes up the gameplay a little bit and is definitely a welcome addition to the formula. As well as standard platform running and jumping, you can hide in doorways and floor panels, and you can crawl in the ventilation system, finding secret areas and hidden items.
The game all feels the same, despite the different backdrops

The game will last a couple hours, and it will keep you interested for a while, but perhaps not for the entire game. It is repetitive, the gameplay is not as good as some other similar games, and the graphics and character models are pretty bad. With a little more polish, this game could have been great. Instead, it is just an average platformer, which will forever live in the shadow (no pun intended) of the far superior Shadow Complex.


by Louis Gardner

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