Friday, 19 April 2013

Saints Row: The Third review

The Third Street Saints are back! Fans of the series will hope for insane action, vehicles and weapons, and the over-the-top Saints Row humour that the series is renowned for. Picking up after the events of Saints Row 2, the Third Street Saints are now superstars. The public love them, they have movies, clothes, even an energy drink with their name on it. But does it stand up as a decent game, after it's two predecessors were often disregarded as GTA knock-offs? It certainly does. Read on to find out more...

Want to dress up as a dog and mock a cop? You can do that.

The first mission in Saints Row: The Third sees you robbing a bank. Not content with the fortune they have amassed from becoming global megastars, they decide to take part in a good ol' fashioned robbery. Things quickly turn sour though, as the bank staff start to fight back with military grade weapons, and soon enough, you're thrown into jail, along with Shaundi and Johnny Gat. Not long after, Phillipe Loren, the leader of a crime organisation known as the Syndicate, bribes the police to set you free. He has business to discuss, which doesn't please the Saints. Now, any fan of the series should know that you never anger the Saints, especially not when you're on a plane, heading to the new city of Steelport. And so the insane gameplay commences.

Throughout the game, you'll do all sorts of crazy activities, including skydiving whilst shooting enemies who are also falling through the sky at high speeds, you'll throw yourself off a lot of buildings, you'll destroy entire crime organisations, enter a virtual, Tron-like reality to play a videogame within a videogame and kill zombies with a giant sex-toy. On the way, you can customise your outfit with hundreds of different items of clothing, upgrade your safehouses, drive some ridiculously overpowered and futuristic vehicles, and if you want to, change your gender. The amount of content in this game is immense, and even though most of it is optional, you'll want to see it all anyway, simply because of how much fun you can have by doing something so simple as getting from A to B. 

This is possibly the most humiliating way to kill someone.

It isn't perfect, with a number of glitches and bugs that will no doubt pop up at some point, but they aren't game breaking. They can be overlooked and often, they will just make you laugh harder than you already are. The humour in the game is offensive, sexist, and somewhat racist, but most importantly, it's hilarious. It isn't meant to be offensive, it is a parody of GTA's intelligent satire, and if you go into the game with this in mind, you'll have a blast. The script is well written and so witty, with some genius one-liners from all of the characters. The best character by far, is Zimos. He's a stereotypical pimp, whose quirk is that he has had a tracheotomy. This means he has to speak through a voice-box. A voice-box with auto-tune installed. He talks in songs and has the funniest lines in the game. The mayor of Steelport also happens to be Burt Reynolds, in a cowboy hat. The characters are what make Saints Row: The Third so amazing.

If you're into sandbox games, there's no reason for you to not love Saints Row: The Third. It's insane, hilarious, and so much fun that it should be illegal, much like many of the activities in the game. It could last a little longer, and it's hard not to feel like some of the DLC packs should have been included in the core game, but all in all, this is the best game in the series. Where most franchises fall flat after two or three games, Saints Row has gotten better. With Enter the Dominatrix, the standalone expansion with superpowers, coming later in the year, and Saints Row 4 already confirmed to be in production, the future is bright for the Third Street Saints.


By Louis Gardner

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