Saturday, 20 July 2013

Deadpool review

Some gamers may not be aware of Deadpool, a self-aware Marvel anti-hero with many voices in his head, and a habit of breaking the fourth wall in his comics. With a character that must be fun to write for, surely a video game adaptation will be right up Deadpool's street? The game starts with Deadpool receiving a script for the Deadpool video game. High Moon Studios sent him over a draft, but he isn't happy. He decides to improvise, because obviously he knows what's best for this game. The result is an overly expensive, hilarious mess, that High Moon simply cannot afford. Does the actual game fare much better than the meta game? Read on to find out. 

You start in Deadpool's crappy apartment, and it immediately sets the tone for the game. There are sex dolls to inflate, a dog to play with and a sofa that's just begging to be napped on. Coupled with Nolan North's captivating, highly amusing narration (most of which takes place in Deadpool's head), you can't help but instantly fall in love with the insane rogue. The story is a bit all over the place, which is a positive for the gameplay, as it mixes it up like no other game. It's not as much of a blessing in terms of the actual storyline. A lot of the time you'll only watch the cut-scenes just to see Deadpool's contributions. It doesn't even matter however, Deadpool is entertaining enough on his own to make you want to play to the end. 

Yeah, this sort of thing happens a lot in Deadpool

The combat is initially a lot of fun, with very kinetic action, lots of combos and lots of limb severing, but it soon starts to become stale. Some of the tougher enemies are just a little too difficult to kill, whilst simultaneously posing little threat. They have high health, so you just have to pummel them with combo after combo, waiting for them to die. They don't actual take too much damage from you and it's easy to juggle the enemies if there aren't too many of them at once, so it just becomes boring, hammering X and Y. There are special Momentum attacks that you can trigger, once you have filled up a meter by killing enemies and scoring high combos. They're definitely more powerful than the standard attacks and are great for taking down groups of enemies. 

There is also an upgrade system, so you can beef up and arm Deadpool to the teeth. Scattered around the levels, and dropped by killed enemies, are Deadpool Points. These allow you to buy a variety of items to improve Deadpool's chances of winning a fight, such as melee weapons, guns, grenades and new combat moves. You can also upgrade Deadpool's core abilities to increase health and combo bonuses. It's a good system but a bigger variety of weapons is needed, as there is only one shotgun, one assault rifle, pistol, etc. 

Prepare for an onslaught of penis jokes

Deadpool is an insanely fun character, but the game itself is not the best. The script is fantastic, Nolan North's performance is perfect, and the random situations you often find Deadpool in are a lot of fun. It's let down by repetitive combat, pointlessly hardy enemies and the lack of a real plot. Comic book fans will love all the cameos and references, and for a lot of people it will be a great introduction to Deadpool, but it's definitely not a must-play.


by Louis Gardner

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