Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Destiny Beta Impressions

The long-awaited beta for Bungie's incredible looking new IP, Destiny, is now available for PS4 owners. For those who don't know, Destiny is an epic sci-fi FPS/RPG, set in the distant future. When a mysterious, huge orb known as the Traveler is discovered on Mars, humanity thrives in a way nobody could have ever imagined. The average human lifespan is tripled, previously inhospitable planets become garden worlds, teeming with life, and for a while, everything is fine. But a mysterious evil arrived, and almost wiped out humanity. There would have been no survivors were it not for the Traveler, and to rebuild humanity, it used it's dying breath to create Ghosts, tiny robots that scour the solar system, looking for those with the Light in them, known as Guardians. You are resurrected by one such Ghost, and it's here that your epic journey begins. Now that the Beta is over, here's what I thought of the most anticipated game of the year.